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Meet Our Team

Ryan Henry, PREC*

Raised in Ottawa Ontario, Ryan moved to Vancouver in 2007. His first successful entrepreneurial venture was started at the age of 24, right after completing Business school.

Working in sales and service for 18 years and marketing for 12 years, Ryan has turned a passion into a career with real estate.

What makes Ryan valuable is how he services clients. His level of customer service, patience, understanding, expectation management and, ease of follow-up while making sure the deal gets done to his clients satisfaction is his signature.

During his spare time, Ryan can be found at home relaxing with his family or playing racquetball with the guys from the neighborhood. He also enjoys hiking and mountain biking throughout the lower mainland, and has an appreciation for wine and craft beer tasting. He loves the entertainment of Greater Vancouver's many food attractions in the summer months with his wife and friends.

Ryan has two little girls Olivia and Lauren from his caring wife backed-up by the unwavering support of family.


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Connor McLeod, UA*

Connor McLeod is a B.C native, born in New Westminster. Young and full or energy and willing to learn. A graduate of Terry Fox Senior Secondary High School in Port Coquitlam in 2015. Connor is very athletic, intelligent and enjoys activities such as hiking, Lacrosse, and snowboarding.

Connor’s compassion for the game of Lacrosse has led him to volunteer as a Coach for his younger brother’s Field and Box Lacrosse Teams.

In his spare time, Connor enjoys being with his friends, movies and getting together socially.

Connor has always had a passion for Real Estate, and after meeting Ryan Henry for career mentorship, Ryan gave him an opportunity to learn as an *Unlicenced Assistant (UA) to Team Ryan Henry. In time Connor will join Team Ryan Henry as an Associate Sales Agent.